Car Seat Services

Car seats can be confusing. The manuals are sometimes hard to understand, your friends/family are giving you conflicting advice, and you just don’t know if you’ve installed it correctly.

You want to make sure your child is safe. I’m here to give you that peace of mind. My invaluable education, resources, and instruction are here for you.

Even though we are currently self isolating, there doesn’t  mean that you can’t receive the help you need.

I am able to provide virtual or in person car seat checks to help you make sure your care seat is installed correctly. We check how the seat is currently installed, go over any changes that need to be made to get a safer install, and I help guide you to reinstall your seat. I provide demonstrations of techniques to help you understand how to achieve a better install. You you feel confident installing your care seat after our session.

Why Hire a

Car Seat Technician?

Gone are the days where you can drop by a fire station or police station. They do not have trained technicians on site.

With more and more new vehicles, and more and more new car seats, it’s even harder to make a decision on what car seat will be best. It’s imperative to find someone who knows what will work with your vehicle, your child, and your budget. I have the tools and the knowledge to make sure your seat is safe!

Your session(s) include support with:

  • Helping you decide which car seats can work for your families situation
  • Checking how your seat is currently installed
  • Discussing what changes should be made
  • Showing you techniques to get a better installation
  • Discussing safety tips
  • Making sure you feel confident installing your seat
  • Suggestions for future car seat needs

Car Seat Installation & Education

Not sure if your car seat is installed properly or what the next step is when your child outgrows their current car seat? Upgrading to a new vehicle and want to know what will work best for your family? I’m here to help!

Serving Sherbrooke and the Eastern Townships. Travel fees may apply.

More Details
Hands on education and installation assistance for 1 car seat. You will have the skills and confidence to install and use the seat correctly on your own.

Additional Seats – $25 each
Additional seats may be in the same or another vehicle.

Appointments are being done virtually or in person with face masks and distancing when possible. I come to your home to complete the check in person.

The fee covers one car seat installation and the first 80km trip (I calculate a round trip from my location to your home). If your location requires more travel time than this the cost would be $10 per 20 km after the first free 80km. If you are not sure please ask me.

* All prices +tax and in CAD

Let this sink in.

Over 90% of car seats are not being used properly.

I have seen a LOT of car seats. As a parent, doula, and as a CPST. I’m around car seats all the time. I even see car seats that are not being used properly when I’m at the grocery store. Often, all it takes is a quick glace and I’m able to see a problem.

When you know better, you do better. Make the appointment so you know better and are not part of the 90%

Common mistakes:

Harness is too loose - does not pass pinch test

After market products are being used - strap covers, head huggers, mirrors

The recline is not level when rearfacing

The UAS anchors are not being used properly (latch borrowing)

the seat is not installed tight enough (the base/seat is moving more than 1")

the straps are not at the right height on the shoulders