Freezer Meals

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Stock Your Freezer

Take the pressure off of your family during the 4th trimester. Life with a newborn can be very overwhelming – make it easier by filling your freezer with delicious freezer meals to help you through the first two weeks postpartum!

Choose 1:

  • Energy Balls (24 pieces)
  • Protein Muffins (12 pieces)
  • Lactation Cookies (24 pieces)
  • Waffles (12 pieces)
  • Pancakes (12 pieces)

Choose 2:

  • Chicken Burrito Bowls (3 x 2 serving meals)
  • Baked Ziti (3 x 2 serving meals)
  • Falafals (18 pieces)
  • Shepards Pie (3 x 2 serving meals)
  • Chicken Pot Pie (3 x 2 serving meals)
  • Lasagna (3 x 2 serving meals)
  • Corn and Zucchini Fritters (18 pieces)
  • Chili (3 x 2 serving meals)
  • Black Bean Burgers (9 pieces)
  • Chicken and Rice Soup (3 x 2 serving meals)
  • Lentil Soup (3 x 2 serving meals)
  • Orange Chicken with Rice (3 x 2 serving meals)
  • Thai Red Curry with Rice (3 x 2 serving meals)
  • Breakfast Burritos or Sandwiches (9 pieces)

Choose 1:

  • Oatmeal cups (12 pieces)
  • Smoothie Packs (12 single serving packs)
  • Granola (1 litre)

I do the shopping and come to your home to prepare, cook and label everything! You know it’s going to be delicious – I used to be a chef!

While I am there, we can chat about your expectations for birth and postpartum, or whatever you would like to chat about!

For an additional fee, I can cook up all your food in a commercial kitchen and deliver it ready for the freezer! Talk about convenience!

Customized freezer meal menus are also available to meet food preferences and dietary restrictions – contact me about it!

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