We all struggle to keep warm in the winter. And with babies it tends to be an even bigger struggle. Are they warm enough? Are they too hot? Are they too cold?

The key is to dress in thin layers. They are easily removable if baby gets too hot. You can add layers if baby is cold. They are safe for the car seat since they are thin layers. And it makes wearing baby easier too!

There are many options to add layers to keep both yourself and baby warm while babywearing. Here are some of the options that I love!

Babywearing Sweaters: Are a great layering piece. Shown above is from Belly Bedaine.

Baby Wearing Coats: Can be used during pregnacy, and while babywearing. Such as the Kinder Coat.

Adding a panel to your coat: A more cost effect way to make your coat fit during pregnancy and while babywearing. Make My Belly Fit is a great option!

Cover with a fleece blanket: Definitely one of the most accessible and budget friendly options. You wear your own coat and cover baby (and your front) with a fleece blanket. You can usually tuck the blanket into the carrier to keep it in place. You can dress baby in warmer layers if it is very cold outside (like this Columbia bunting suit)


Accessories to help keep warm.

Some other great babywearing accessories to consider for winter are soft soled booties. Padraigs and winter robeez are great to keep little feet warm! Also a hat and mitts help to keep baby warm too.

I always recommend babywearing to expecting and new parents since there are so many benefits (skin to skin contact, regulating body temperature, and bonding). Babywearing in the winter doesn’t have to be daunting.

If you have any questions about these babywearing options, please feel free to reach out or comment. We also have in person meet ups with the KWC Babywearing Group at Play-a-Latte Cafe in Kitchener and at Recharge and Play Wellness Cafe in Waterloo.

Check out the groups Facebook page for meet up dates.