It is an absolute honour to serve families as their doula, for birth and/or postpartum. I am so grateful for my clients kind words and can’t wait to serve future families in the same capacity.

“Thank you so much for all your help and support. You are an amazing coach and are truly meant to be a Doula! All your help with the hip squeezing and comfort measures and working through the contractions was outstanding! I am so happy you were part of our little ones arrival.”

Emma M.

We hired Jennifer as our Labour doula for the birth of our Second child. She was amazing! We were induced so it can be a bit of a different experience with a Doula. She arrived at the hospital promptly after we decided I was getting close to needing assistance. Once there she was able to be with me and help me through contractions with Hip squeezes and reassuring words as my husband went out to have dinner and greet his mom. Jennifer’s support continued once my husband arrived back in the room. She assisted him with doing hip squeezes and switched off and on with him. She knew techniques to help labour progress like the use of a peanut ball, man that really worked. it was important to me to not have an epidural during labour and Jennifer was essential in helping myself and my husband get through the contractions so that I was able to get through without an epidural. I can’t say enough good words for Jennifer! If you are considering a doula for sure meet with Jennifer to see if you mesh! 🙂

Shalon P.
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