It is an absolute honour to serve families as their doula, for birth and/or postpartum. I am so grateful for my clients kind words and can’t wait to serve future families in the same capacity.

” We hired Jennifer as our doula for the birth of our second child. I am truly grateful for the amazing support she provided. She is extremely knowledgeable and had great tips during pregnancy, labour and postnatal. She was very helpful and fast to help get me information we talked about that I wanted to add to our birth plan.

Having her there for not only the extra hands during labour but for the emotional support and knowledge was incredibly helpful not just for me but for my husband! She always took our best interests into consideration and was the calm and soothing support we needed. She’s amazing at hip squeezes and proving all the comfort measures possible so that we could have a natural birth. After care is just as important and she was so knowledgeable and helpful for her visits. Doulas in general are wonderful but Jennifer is exceptional; I wish I could give her 6 stars! I would hire her again in a heartbeat! “

Emma M.

We hired Jennifer as our Labour doula for the birth of our Second child. She was amazing! We were induced so it can be a bit of a different experience with a Doula. She arrived at the hospital promptly after we decided I was getting close to needing assistance. Once there she was able to be with me and help me through contractions with Hip squeezes and reassuring words as my husband went out to have dinner and greet his mom. Jennifer’s support continued once my husband arrived back in the room. She assisted him with doing hip squeezes and switched off and on with him. She knew techniques to help labour progress like the use of a peanut ball, man that really worked. it was important to me to not have an epidural during labour and Jennifer was essential in helping myself and my husband get through the contractions so that I was able to get through without an epidural. I can’t say enough good words for Jennifer! If you are considering a doula for sure meet with Jennifer to see if you mesh! 🙂

Shalon P.

My husband & I had Jennifer come do our car seat consultation, and cloth diapering education at our home before we have our first child!

Ryan & I wanted other options to the bucket car seat for our newborn. Jennifer is so knowledgeable and well versed in all your car seat needs. She got the make and model of our vehicle, so she was able to give us pointers on what seats work best utilizing space and most importantly safety for newborn into toddler stage with certain seats. There are so many car seats on the market its overwhelming, she makes the process of buying a car sear less overwhelming and you don’t waste money on a non-functional seat that won’t meet the needs you have.

The cloth diapering education was eye opening. Jennifer has tons of experience with cloth diapering and brings all her cloth diapering options with her for you to try. She gives you all the options you have in cloth diapering, what to watch for in cloth diapering, proper laundering strategies, and discusses what your needs are. It was fantastic!!!

Jennifer is knowledgeable and so lovely. Thanks for sharing all your skills and knowledge and helping support new families like ours.

V. Nicholas

Jennifer came out to our house to install both out babies car seats. Wasn’t sure if we would be able to fit them both, but Jenn was very helpful at both making sure the fit; as well as installed correctly.

Highly Recommend.

S. P.

So…to those who do not know what a doula does…as I were once that person. Firstly, I highly recommend the investment. Be it prior to, during,or postpartum care. Heck all is super as well. Jennifer is amazing because she is a Jill of all trades and if she isn’t sure about something, she is honest and researches well. She came to my postpartum needs. She is easy to get along with and enjoys helping where she can. She showed me how to use a steam cooker, helped with dishes, taught me how to use a couple wraps. She is so generous and will also lend you something if she has it. She also helped me with my carseat as she is a tech as well. I also highly advise her services when it comes to car seat safety.

She is very knowledgable and cap help. Thanks for all you do Jennifer.

T. Hauser
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