The mind/body connection is so important in birth – much more important than you could imagine!

While most expecting parents tend to prepare physically for their birth, few take the time to really work on their mindset and pre-existing fears – *hint* most people have existing assumptions based on what they have seen or heard throughout their life. And unfortunately, most of what we see and hear about birth is based around fear.


Why Affirmations Work for Birth

While some studies show that affirmations can help reduce stress and anxiety—There is no guarantee birth affirmations will change your birth outcome. But with reduced stress and anxiety from the affirmations, you can then focus on your birth! It can make it easier to get into your own rhythm and to relax. Which will help you stay out of the fear, tension, pain cycle that can derail your birth and lead to interventions. Positive thoughts lead to positive feelings – so no matter what your birth outcome is you will have an overall more positive experience.

I will not get into the science of affirmations and the impact of positive thinking, just know there is no downside in practising affirmations and bringing more positivity to your mindset. The more you practise, the more it becomes a habit *hint* Habits take time to form. Do not beat yourself up if you miss days working with your affirmations. Just pick up where you left off and keep going!

How to Use Birth Affirmations


The best way to have your affirmations work is to write your own! By writing your own affirmations they are more believable and more likely to work at bringing a positive mindset and keeping you relaxed in your birth.

When I work with my clients, I like to start with any pre-existing fears or anxieties they may have surrounding birth. Some of these fears may be from friends and family telling negative birth stories. Often it can be from social media and TV/Movies. Think back to the last time you saw birth in one of these mediums.

Was the birth scary? Was it medicalised? Was it an emergency? Did everyone start to panic?

These leave subliminal messages in our subconscious, even if we are not actively aware of them.

In order to rewire our brain, we must seek out and consume, with repitition, something more positive to replace these fears.

By starting with our fears, we can work through them and replace them with our own positive birth affirmations. We flip our scripts that we are telling ourselves constantly and subconsciously and instead of thinking about the negative ‘what ifs’ we replace those thoughts with ‘I can to this’.

Whenever you notice yourself worrying or having a negative thought, think of your positive affirmation.

Check out the Your Better Birth Plan: Mini Course if you’d like a guide to help you create your own powerful birth affirmations! It includes a video demonstrating how to use the guide, along with videos and PDFs for creating your own birth plan.

Consider beginning your phrase with:


Birth is…

I am…

I believe…

I feel…

I know…

My baby…

My body knows…

My mind is…

Here are some samples to inspire you:

Birth is safe for my baby and me.

Each surge brings my baby closer.

I accept help from my support people.

I am a good parent.

I am strong.

I love my baby.

My baby feels my love.

My baby will be born at the perfect time.

My baby is smart.

My body knows how to birth.

My body knows when to birth.

I know how to care for my baby.

I trust my body.

I will make all the milk my baby needs.